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Brodkin Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center FAQsBrodkin Chiropractic realizes that you may have a few questions about the services we offer. Here is a list of common questions asked by our clients. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss your treatment options with us, please call us at (561) 620-0174.

Q. What will Chiropractic do for you?

A. The nervous system controls all functions of the body. The human spine provides flexibility for the body while protecting the delicate spine, where a vast network of nerves originates.

Subtle spinal misalignments, causing pain, often create pressure on the nerves that radiate from the spinal column. This interruption of nerve flow can lead to symptoms of pain or imbalance in parts of the body away from the spine. In addition, fatigue or muscle spasms can cause postural changes. Leading to further misalignment.

Chiropractic has developed various techniques for correcting these misalignments, or subluxatons. Treatment can include carefully controlled spinal adjustments and strength-building exercises.

Spinal misalignments can be caused by accidents or by postural habits. Patients with injuries or poor posture can benefit from rehabilitative chiropractic care.

Patients who are under the care of a chiropractor tend to have healthier immune systems and are less prone to repetitive injuries.
Correction of subluxations also relieves interference from nerves, allowing the body to function efficiently.

Chiropractic Adjustment goes far beyond pain relief!

Positive changes found after the adjustment included improved range-of-motion, better muscle strength, improved muscular contraction, improved immune system response, increased endorphin levels, lowered blood pressure and increased lung capacity. Improvements were also found in studies on agility, balance, and kinesthetic perception.

The results of lack of motion in the body cause degenerative changes of the spine. The formation of soft tissue adhesions around the joints of the spine restricts proper motion. Chiropractic adjustments can break up Adhesions causing the lack of motion to parts of the body.

Q. What is meant by the term Chiropractic Adjustment?

A. -The Vertebrae of the spine can become misaligned due to accident, posture, or use. The chiropractor is able to correct these misalignments by making small adjustments using gentle pressure. Correction of subluxation also relieves interference from nerves, allowing the body to function efficiently. AS the spine is continually adjusted, the body develops the strength and adapts in such a way as to hold the vertebrae in the proper position. Spinal adjustments promote health, improved spinal movement and muscle function as well as significant improvements in patients with headaches.

Q. How do Chiropractors differ from medical physicians?

A. -Chiropractors treat problems relating to the spine and skeletal system, nervous system and muscular system. The Chiropractic approach is noninvasive and does not rely on drugs or medications. The chiropractic technique involves making adjustments and corrections to the spine in order to keep pressure off the nerves that branch from the spinal cord. This removal of pressure on the nerves enables all organs and systems to function more efficiently and allows the body to perform its natural function of healing itself.

Q. Will my insurance cover Chiropractic treatments?

A. -In most cases, insurance will provide coverage for Chiropractic care. Call your insurance company, or just ask our office. We will be glad to help you determine what benefits you are entitled to through your insurance carrier.